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Postmates' first food deliveries outside the US start in Mexico City

It's not content to be a US-only service.

Lyft isn't the only major American online service dipping its toes in foreign waters this week: Postmates is starting its first food deliveries outside of the US with a launch in Mexico City. Hungry people in several districts of Mexico's capital can order from 1,000-plus restaurants with a 35-peso ($1.80) delivery fee and typical delivery times around 35 minutes. To make itself part of the community, it's both donating 10 percent of sales to earthquake recovery through the rest of 2017 and is giving customers 1,000 pesos (about $52) in delivery credit until December 15th.

The move is an acknowledgment that there are limits to how much a US-only service can grow. If Postmates is going to achieve the same scale as rivals like UberEats (which already operates in Mexico City), it has to serve similar areas. After all, those courier robots won't pay for themselves.

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