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Image credit: Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Netflix locks down ‘Stranger Things’ producer for future series

Just like it picked up Shonda Rhimes.
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
12.06.17 in AV
Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Both seasons of Stranger Things have been colossal hits for Netflix. So it's no surprise that the company just locked down the show's producer Shawn Levy, which sources tell Variety is a four-year, eight-figure agreement. He will create TV projects exclusively for the streaming entertainment company.

In addition to executive producing Netflix's retro horror show, Levy has directed and produced the Night at the Museum films and produced last year's lauded sci-fi hit Arrival. His acquisition follows Netflix's deal to bring acclaimed showrunner Shonda Rhimes to the streaming network for similarly undisclosed terms.

Though Netflix secured long-running successes like Orange is the New Black for the near future, it's hungry for more hits. Especially since the network has had to jettison stars Kevin Spacey and Danny Masterson following sexual harassment and rape allegations, respectively.

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