'Battlefront II' will finally make in-game progression fair next week

EA promises the new patch will remove the game's pay-to-win aspects.

Electronic Arts' long, awkward nightmare over Star Wars Battlefront II's multiplayer progression might finally be over. With next week's patch, dubbed the "Progression" update, EA promises that Star Cards (power-ups) or any other item that impact gameplay will only be earned through gameplay from here on out -- not via paid loot crates. Previously, EA had adjusted and removed some of the pay-to-win aspects, saying that eventually real-money transactions would return.

Now, daily play is the exclusive way to earn crates, which will only include emotes and cosmetic tweaks for your gear. In the bullet point on the blog post, EA repeated that crates won't contain anything that impacts gameplay. Anything you've already bought or earned will stay in your possession regardless of how you came about it, as well. If you still feel like dropping real-world money for Battlefront gear in-game, however, EA isn't going to stop you. But, the appearance packs and skins you buy with Crystals, are again, purely cosmetic. You'll also be able to purchase those with in-game credits earned from gameplay.

It sounds like pressure from lawmakers in Belgium, Hawaii and Washington worked as intended. Now that this seems to be taken care of, we can start speculating how EA will bungle Battlefront the next time.