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The Morning After: The real world doesn't matter in ‘Ready Player One’

Also: New iPad reviewed.

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Today, we have a new look Reddit, for the first time in forever, test the newest (and cheaper) iPad and take a closer look at Ready Player One.

Her family said they warned police.
YouTube shooting suspect posted angry videos about demonetization, filtering policies

Yesterday afternoon a woman shot and wounded three people on YouTube's campus in San Bruno, CA, before shooting and killing herself. Police identified the suspect as Nasim Aghdam, a 39-year-old who had posted a number of videos on her YouTube channels expressing her anger at supposed filtering and demonetization negatively affecting her videos. The police said that, at this time, there is no evidence the shooter knew or specifically targeted the victims. Additionally, her father said that after Mountain View police found Aghdam asleep in a parking lot Tuesday morning, he told them he was concerned about her ire with YouTube.

It doesn't look like a message board from the '90s anymore.
Reddit's first redesign in years is a major one

Reddit has looked pretty much the same these past years, barely changing since it first introduced subreddits in 2008. Its first major redesign in a long time is now available to one percent of the website's population and will make its way to more people in the coming months. The social network has been working on a redesign over the past year, making sure not to stray too far from what it currently looks like, while making things much easier to use and navigate for newbies.

You won't find a better tablet for the price
Apple iPad review (2018): a little better, a little less competition

Apple's new iPad is here, and well, it's business as usual. While it might not thrill, it's the best cheapest iPad the company's ever made, and there's enough performance and polish here for everyone.

It's powerful, comfortable and expensive.
HTC Vive Pro review: Better in every way, but it's not for you

The Vive Pro has everything we wanted in HTC's first VR headset. But it's incredibly expensive, especially if you need to buy new accessories. At this point, it's clearly only meant for VR professionals -- and those rich enough to afford an iterative upgrade.

Making its own in-house chips for the Mac makes more sense than ever.
I can't wait for laptops with Apple's own chips

Apple might be ready to ditch Intel's x86 chips in the Mac in favor of a custom-designed piece of silicon. At least that's the story out of Bloomberg, which believes that a transition by Apple to its own CPUs could begin by 2020. It's just a single, as yet unsubstantiated story, but it's already made a dent in Intel's share price, even if Apple is hardly its biggest customer. And yet it's clear that, between Intel's recent problems and Apple's successes, it's time.

Work hard, play hard.
Dell's spring lineup is filled with all-in-ones and gaming PCs

The latest refresh of Dell PCs hits at all levels, whether its all-in-one, XPS laptop, the new Dell G mid-range gaming line or high-end Alienware setups. Naturally Intel's latest eighth-generation CPUs are available, including the six-core i9 chip for laptops unveiled last night.

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