Snapchat's sponsored filters are now a lot more like ads

You'll probably accidentally tap on them, and that's by design.

It's been a weird year for Snapchat. The company needs to make money, but it hasn't figured out how to do so without ticking off users. The latest addition to the app's camera might not engender a lot of love from people, either. Next time you open the app and pick a sponsored face filter -- an ad in and of itself -- you should see a "call to action" button, according to Recode. Meaning, that below the (potentially racist) face filter, now there will be a button that takes you to a digital marketplace or company website. To check it out in action, hit the source link below.

The way the buttons are positioned (right above the filter options) will probably lead to at least a few accidental clicks too. It's precisely what marketers and advertisers crave, and in turn could lead to more income for Snapchat. In and of itself, that's fine; all businesses need cash to survive. But, this seems explicitly designed to game the system at the expense of user experience.