The Morning After: Google Duplex AI calling on Line 1

Google I/O day one is in the books.

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

As Microsoft wrapped up its event, Google I/O began, and we have everything you need to know broken down by the numbers. Coverage of the event will continue today, so keep an eye on our event page for more reactions and unveilings.

Project Treble makes its presence felt.Android P public beta opens up

If you have one of 11 phones (including handsets like the OnePlus 6, Essential Phone and others) then you can give the next new version of Android a try right now. With its name still TBA, Android P promises to bring the power of AI to your handset to manage battery life, solve digital overload and even set your screen brightness.

Very personal.Google Duplex demo uses Assistant AI to talk to real people

The most interesting demo at Google I/O may have been Google Duplex. As part of the future of Google Assistant (along with 6 new voices including John Legend), it's built to facilitate natural-sounding conversation from the digital assistant. As Google showed off on stage, it's so good that it can call offline providers like a salon or a restaurant to make a reservation without the person on the other end knowing they're talking to a bot. Cool or creepy?

Never get lost at an intersection again.Google Maps will add an augmented reality element

Rather than craning over your phone and hoping you're walking in the same direction as the blue GPS dot, soon your camera will look at your surroundings and work it out for you. With its Visual Positioning System (VPS), the software will figure out where you are and throw up AR-powered navigation indicators to get you moving without walking halfway down the block in the wrong direction. There's no word yet on when this update will arrive.

Get ready.Google Assistant smart displays will start shipping in July

The Android Things-powered smart displays we first saw at CES are close to launching. During the Google I/O event, we saw how they could be used to watch YouTube TV, and interact with the upgraded Assistant AI features that manage information via the screen or voice control. We don't know which hardware is up first, but LG, JBL and Lenovo seem like safe bets.

That's one excuse taken care of.The Linksys router that prioritizes Xbox One gaming is now available

The WRT32XB is the first router designed to automatically detect any Xbox One, including the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X, and put it above any other gadget connected to its network. It'll set you back $250 and comes with three months of access to Xbox Game Pass.

A peerless full-frame mirrorless camera.Sony A7 III review

For $2,000, you can't get a better camera.

Where do you plug in the aux cord?This is Uber's first air taxi prototype

Ahead of its Uber Elevate Summit, the transportation company showed off a prototype reference model of an air taxi it hopes will fly by 2020. UberAir will help you "rise above it all" in a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) capable electric plane that is, of course, autonomous.

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