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The Morning After: Sonos built a smarter soundbar

And everything you need to know heading into E3.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

We've got several new devices to tell you about this morning, including a new Sonos speaker that will work with AirPlay, Sony's latest rather-capable compact camera and a new drone, all bidding for your next paycheck or two.

Elon Musk joked that the Model Y might not have a steering wheel at all.Tesla teases the Model Y yet again

If you like your Tesla teasers in the form of vague sketches then do we have a Thursday morning for you! The company revealed another outline of the Model Y crossover SUV during its most recent shareholders meeting. Based on the photo, it doesn't reveal much, but Tesla chief Elon Musk shared a few details about the crossover. He said Model Y won't have any leather and even joked that it might not have a steering wheel at all. Shut the front door.

That's one way to handle it.Valve: Steam Store will accept anything that's not illegal or trolling

There's a new content policy in the Steam Store: anything goes! As long as it's not trolling or banned by law then Valve won't block it. The plan is to implement filtering tools, so customers can avoid anything they don't want to see, while apparently avoiding responsibility for the content or quality of what's on sale. The exceptions would align this new barely-policing policy with Valve's recent decision to ban the game Active Shooter from Steam.

We take a look into the crystal Poké Ball.What to expect from E3 2018

Basically New York Fashion Week for the joystick crowd starts in just a few days -- here's everything we already know -- and at least some of what to expect.

30 percent of affected apps were 'mission critical.'Atlanta ransomware attack may cost another $9.5 million to fix

The city of Atlanta, GA, revealed that a "SamSam" ransomware attack knocked offline or disabled a third of its necessary programs. While the city didn't pay the $51,000 ransom demanded by the software's operators, officials expect to spend another $9.5 million recovering -- on top of $2 million already spent. Even with that outlay, some documents and police dashcam recordings have been lost forever.

The 24-200mm lens isn't perfect, but it'll come in handy when you need it.A day with Sony's versatile RX100 VI point-and-shoot

The most interesting feature on Sony's new flagship point-and-shoot RX100 VI is the new zoom lens. That Vario-Sonnar T* 24-200mm f/2.8-4.5 glass is much longer than the 24-70mm equivalent on the previous model, making the update a more versatile compact shooter. You may not always need the superzoom, but it's nice to know you have that option. According to Edgar Alvarez, though, impressive as the RX100 VI is, it's not perfect. Sony keeps pitching it as the ideal camera for vloggers (aka YouTubers), but it lacks a 3.5mm audio jack. The camera also takes too long writing files after using the continuous shooting mode or capturing slow-motion videos, even with the latest high-speed SD card. It's not perfect, but it is both impressively compact and extremely capable.

Origin Wireless shows off its camera-free detection trick at Computex.This mesh WiFi router can track motion to protect your family

We've already reported on Origin Wireless and its clever algorithm that can turn any WiFi mesh network into a simple home security plus well-being monitoring system -- with WiFi signal alone. At the time, we saw a working demo that left me impressed, but at Computex, the company has moved its setup to a real-life environment and, with help from Qualcomm, integrated its ASUS' Lyra router.

Equal parts soundbar, smart speaker and music center.A closer look at Sonos Beam: smaller, smarter and more connected

Sonos just announced the Beam, a smaller, smarter Playbar. How does it sound? Well, on first pass it feels like a winner. Not just for the rich, cinematic sound (which it appears to have), though. James Trew says the Beam is also an all-around tantalizing prospect: A compact soundbar, Alexa replacement, that could also replace your regular music system. This all-in-one configuration won't be for everyone, but for those without a lot of living space that want to avoid the clutter of multiple speakers, it's definitely appealing.

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