Pebble smartwatches could get a new lease on life with

Owners are advised to link their accounts before Pebble services shut down.

With support for Pebble devices scheduled to end in a couple of weeks, a group of developers interested in extending the platform is reaching out to users asking them to set up new accounts on "Rebble." According to the team, "Our present focus is on replacing key pieces of the Pebble ecosystem: the appstore, firmware, and mobile apps." Pebble founder and former CEO Eric Migicovsky tweeted out a link to the page, imploring users to link their accounts and back up settings before Fitbit's scheduled shutoff on June 30th.

The bad news, however, is that the team does not expect to have its replacement for the Pebble web services backend completely up and running by then. Whenever things are ready to go, switching over should require just clicking a link and the plan is to offer "basic" data services for free, while charging for Weather and Dictation to fund the operation. All the current details are on the site and in the FAQ, so if you know someone who is still rocking one of the devices, make sure they're signed up before it's too late.