macOS Mojave public beta is available right now

iOS 12 betas are so yesterday.

Yesterday Apple made iOS12's beta available to the public, and now it's doing the same for its Mojave update to macOS. Starting today you can download and install a test version of Apple's latest desktop operating system, which features a dark mode option for nighttime computing and revamped App Store. There's also new anti-fingerprinting tools for the Safari browser and tweaks for desktop organization and how Finder looks and feels. We've got a full round-up of additions available in case you've forgotten what was announced at WWDC last month. It's okay, it's been a long month; we won't tell anyone.

Oh, and as a reminder, even with how much iOS and macOS might have in common, Apple is not merging the two operating systems. Of course, since this isn't final software, you'll potentially have a few bugs to deal with. Meaning, don't install it on a machine with data you aren't afraid to lose.