iOS 12 public beta is available right now

Download and install at your own risk, of course.

Did Apple's teases of grouped notifications and digital wellness efforts at WWDC last month make you swoon? Well the beta for iOS 12 -- the software those features and countless others will run on -- is available to the public starting today. The Cupertino company has promised that the software's finished version will significantly speed up older phones in addition to adding fun new features like Memoji for iPhone X owners and FaceTime group chat for up to 32 people.

Of course, since this is a beta, it means that there will be parts of the software that may not be stable or optimized, and could outright break when you use them. As such, proceed at your own risk if you plan to install it on your daily driver handset. There's a joke here about how buggy iOS 11 has been in its final versions, but I'm not going to make it. Happy downloading!