'We Happy Few' has a trippy PSVR teaser

The side story is available today.

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PlayStation Blog, Flickr
PlayStation Blog, Flickr

We Happy Few is just around the corner after years of waiting, but you don't have to wait until August 10th to get a feel for its drug-filled dystopia if you have a PlayStation VR headset. Compulsion games has released a free PSVR-only side story, Uncle Jack Live VR, that turns you into a guest producer for its namesake broadcaster and propagandist. You're supposed to pick the 'right' news stories for Jack as he encourages people to keep taking the mind-altering Joy drug, all the while fighting an outbreak of Downers (i.e. normal people) at the broadcast center.

There are multiple outcomes depending on how well you play along with Jack's narrative. If you're enough of a rebel, you can even force him to cancel the broadcast. When you're done, there's an Archive Mode that lets you listen to other Uncle Jack episodes and slices of the We Happy Few soundtrack.

As with other VR side stories, this is more of a small gaming snack than a full-fledged experience. Nonetheless, it shows how VR can flesh out game experiences with stories that literally immerse you in the game world -- even if it's a world that you'd never want to live in.

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