Chrome 69 is optimized for notched phones and Android Go

It also supports picture-in-picture playback for PCs.

It hasn't been that long since Chrome 68's stable release, so you'll have to wait a bit longer for the browser's next iteration. Android Police has dissected Chrome 69's APK now that it has reached the beta channel, though, giving us a glimpse of the features Google is working on. To start with, the next version of Chrome is optimized for phones with notches, like the iPhone X and the other Android devices that took a cue from its design. It will no longer show a blank bar across the notched part of the phone. The display cutout makes sure what's on screen wraps around the notch instead.

Chrome 69 will also double as a media player for Android Go, the scaled-down version of the mobile platform designed for low-end devices. Since the cheapest Android phones only come with the most basic features and components, such as 1GB of RAM, some of them may not even have a built-in media player. Go users who open a media file will be given the option to play it using the browser, so they don't have to download a third-party app anymore.

Another upcoming feature is an improved download manager with a search button and sorting options. In addition, the update will finally bring picture-in-picture playback to Chrome for Windows PCs and Mac computers. You'll be able to pop out a video into a floating browser, so you can watch it while visiting other websites.

Chrome 69 could be widely available as soon as September if everything goes according to plan. Aside from the features found in the latest APK, Google previously announced that the browser will no longer mark HTTPS sites as "Secure," since it expects the internet's default state to be secure.