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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

The self-cleaning Roomba was a highlight this week.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to your weekend! Before looking back at some highlights from the last few days, we'll make sure NASA's Kepler spacecraft is still going, and discuss the incredibly detailed version of NYC contained inside Sony's new Spider-Man game.

We're going to science the heck out of this.Planet-hunting Kepler telescope declares that it is not, in fact, dead

Even though its fuel level is critically low and it's had its share of mechanical issues, the telescope is once again back to work collecting scientific data and looking for new exoplanets.

Yes, everyone is playing it.New York shines in Sony's new 'Spider-Man' game

The latest Spider-Man video game, developed by Ratchet & Clank studio Insomniac, treats New York as a character. A place that can pose real, relatable problems for Peter Parker and his alter-ego. The studio has captured the look and, more importantly, the feelings that many people have about the city.

Now it's an Android exclusive.Apple yanks Alex Jones' InfoWars app

Apple was not specific about what caused the move, merely referring to its guidelines about objectionable content in the store.

Jerome Guillen 'will oversee all automotive operations.'Tesla's new President takes control of automotive operations

Tesla wrapped up an interesting week -- CEO Elon Musk took a puff or two from a joint live on Joe Rogan's podcast, its recently-hired chief accounting officer quit after less than a month on the job and its HR chief announced she would not return from a leave of absence -- by announcing a round of executive promotions.

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Somehow their designers didn't think about that.How fitness- and health-tracking apps failed me during my pregnancy

Swapna Krishna explains why she had to stop using her fitness and weight tracking apps: they can't account for her pregnancy.

We put a vacuum in your vacuum's base.There's finally a Roomba that can empty itself

The $949 Roomba i7+ is smarter than ever before, and it can unload up to 30 dirty bins on its own without any help. Rosie the Robot, here we come.

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