Google lets developers sell in-app purchases through Assistant

Purchase app upgrades or expansions without breaking the conversational flow.

Google has taken steps recently to make its voice-controlled Assistant easier to use, and now it's rolling out features to developers to help them integrate the same levels of intuition into their apps. Launching today is support for digital goods and subscriptions, plus Google Sign-In, which will give users a seamless path for voice-controlled purchases. In other words, you'll be able to buy app upgrades, expansion packs or new levels while in conversation with Assistant, without having to transition into touch.

Your device will need to remember that activity, so Google is also introducing Google Sign-In for the Assistant. In the past, users would have to manually type a username or password when prompted, breaking the natural conversational flow. Now they can use a single tap, or voice confirmation, to link their account, or even create a new one -- and it'll even work via a smart speaker. This is obviously good news for users, because everything is more fluid, but it also stands to benefit developers -- Google says that Sign-In for Assistant significantly reduces drop off for login. Starbucks added it to their rewards feature, for example, and saw login conversion nearly double.