Apple's new iPad Pros swap Lightning ports for USB-C

To support more peripherals like external displays.

Apple began its commitment to USB-C back in 2015 with the original MacBook. The ports are now standard on the company's laptops, but today, Apple announced that its new iPad Pros are following suit. Swapping the usual Lightning port out for USB-C isn't just a case of changing what charging cable the iPad Pros use. USB-C enables new features, such as using the tablets to charge other devices like iPhones or being able to easily hook them up to musical instruments or external displays with up to 5K resolution. USB 3.1 Gen 2 support also means faster data-transfer speeds from other devices like cameras. In general, the USB-C switcheroo makes the iPad Pros more peripheral-friendly and therefore more-productive, on-the-go tools. The trade-off, however, is that the new iPad Pros don't have a headphone jack, so the USB-C port doubles as that too. Get your dongle money ready.

Apple iPad Pro USB-C

Image: Apple

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