Facebook’s new career site aims to help job-seekers hone their skills

Facebook also updated its job listing and Mentorship tools.

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Facebook has updated some of its career tools and launched a new website in order to help its users find new job opportunities, the company said today. Now, along with posting jobs on their Pages, businesses can also post them in Groups, and Facebook says its Mentorship tool will now make it easier for people to choose a mentor based on relevant goals and interests. Individuals will be able to share info about what they're looking for or what they can offer as a mentorship partner, and members of their Group can look through a list of that information to find a partner. The tool will also provide weekly prompts to keep mentorship pairs' conversations moving along.

As for new tools, Facebook is launching Learn with Facebook, which will provide courses aimed at helping users develop the skills required for the digital workforce. The company says the site will offer case studies, insider tips and resources from experts as well as lessons on topics like interviewing and résumé building. "To help make Learn With Facebook's lessons as accessible as possible, we're partnering with Goodwill Community Foundation to offer this training across the US," Facebook said. "We'll work closely with them to develop training resources for individuals of all backgrounds and education levels."

Facebook isn't the only company encroaching on LinkedIn's territory. Google launched its own job site in the US last year, which expanded to the UK in July.

Learn with Facebook is available now and you can check it out here.

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