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The Morning After: Ion gliders and palm-sized phones

Plus: Google's 99-cent movie deal and more PlayStation Nikes.

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The Morning After: Ion gliders and palm-sized phones

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

We'll wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating and a merry Thursday to those who are not. Google has a movie promo you should probably check out, and have you heard about how MIT's plane flies without any moving parts? Plus, there's a new link connecting Google Assistant and Siri and, of course, we're keeping an eye on all of the incoming Black Friday deals.

Even if it's the cutest phone we've seen in years.Palm phone review: A tiny 'second phone' no one needs

Unfortunately, the Palm's size will make it too difficult for some to use, while some compatibility issues and poorly executed features are sure to frustrate others. Palm's ambitions were admirable, but as Chris Velazco explains, this $350 device feels like a half-baked answer to a serious problem.

Cyber Week has begun.Google makes all movie rentals just 99 cents for Thanksgiving

If you've got four days off for Thanksgiving weekend, Google has ways for you to kill time. The Play Store's Cyber Week deals for 2018 include charging only 99 cents for any of its movie rentals on oh, today. For the rest of the week, you'll still be able to buy big game titles for up to 80 percent off or some special in-app discounts.

Using algorithms to decide what does or does not get uploaded to the cloud.Apple buys privacy-minded AI startup Silk Labs

Apple has reportedly picked up AI startup Silk Labs. You might not have heard of it, but the company released a crowdfunded smart-home camera back in 2016. It included visual recognition tech that could recognize multiple faces and even pets. Silk Lab's focus on privacy may have also been a draw for Apple: The startup says its algorithm only sends "key" video moments, anonymized, to the cloud, instead of a constant stream.

Give the gift of top-notch sound quality.The best headphones to give as gifts

If you have friends or family still using the crummy pack-in headphones that came with their phone, it's time to gift them an upgrade -- and our holiday gift guide can help you pick the perfect pair. We have recommendations for audiophiles (Skullcandy Venue), gamers (Turtle Beach Recon 200), workout addicts (Under Armour Sport Wireless Train) and road warriors (Jabra Elite 65t). Check out the guide to find out why we think these are the best ones to buy.

Kill noise pollution.MIT's ion-powered aircraft flies with no moving parts

MIT researchers have successfully flown an ionic wind-powered aircraft that doesn't use any moving parts. The 16-foot wide machine stays aloft by charging wires with a high enough voltage (40,000V) that they strip negatively-charged electrons from air molecules, which are promptly attracted to negative electrodes at the back of the aircraft. The collisions from that newly-formed ionic wind create the thrust needed to keep the vehicle airborne.

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Pokemon. Tamagotchi. Together. I feel old. Eevee lives inside the first Pokémon Tamagotchi

The ultra-cute collaboration we've been waiting for has been confirmed: Eevee is set to be a very special edition Tamagotchi. The new Tamagotchi Nano will let you raise and care for an Eevee as it evolves into one of its eight different options. It's set to launch in Japan on January 21st.

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