HQ Trivia's 'Wheel of Fortune' game is now open to everyone

It's a bright moment at an unfortunate time for the company.

It's a sad time for the HQ Trivia team following the loss of co-founder Colin Kroll, but there is some consolation for the company. Intermedia Labs has made its word game, HQ Words, available to all users (currently only confirmed for iOS) following weeks of beta testing. As before, it's a Wheel of Fortune-style live game where you'll have to correctly guess the missing letters in phrases during successive rounds. If you make three mistakes or don't complete the phrase, you're out. Unlike HQ Trivia, then, you'll have to be much more active if you hope to win real money.

The game is available inside the HQ Trivia app (now HQ Trivia & Words), and its 9:30PM Eastern daily scheduling is purposefully timed half an hour after the original. You can play both games back to back if you're so inclined.

HQ Words' launch is bittersweet in light of Kroll's death, but it could also be vital to Intermedia Labs. HQ Trivia's demand has been falling since its high-profile early days. Its app fell to 253rd most popular on the App Store in November, and the sagging interest led to the company freezing service in the UK. Words could rekindle interest and keep existing players engaged for longer, whether they play both games in one night or switch games for variety's sake. The question is whether it's arriving just in time or too little too late.