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The Morning After: Gaming cheats are getting caught

A bigger crime than being a Hanzo main.

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Blizzard (YouTube)

Welcome to the end! Of this week. We get a vague due date for Tesla's next big project, the Model Y, Google's voice assistant makes its way into thousands more smart devices and cheaters never prosper (and possibly go to jail) when it comes to Overwatch and Fortnite.

Elon Musk says it'll spark a 'manufacturing revolution'.
Tesla's latest prediction for Model Y's arrival is 2020

Tesla's forthcoming Model Y is still shrouded in mystery. We know it's a crossover EV, and we know it might not have mirrors... and that's about it. But CEO Elon Musk has now revealed that the company aims to bring the new vehicle to production in 2020, adding in its conference call that doing so will spark a "manufacturing revolution". We're not sure what kind of revolution that would entail, though.

The main Alexa rival now works with 5,000 different gadgets.Google Assistant now works with every major smart home device brand

Part of making Google Assistant able to take on Amazon's Echo / Alexa powerhouse in the digital assistant game is having broad support for the massive number of smart home devices out there, and Google undeniably has that now. The company says the Google Assistant works with more than 5,000 devices, up from only 1,500 at the beginning of the year. It's a number that doesn't mean much on its own, but Google VP of Assistant and Search Nick Fox said "the Assistant now supports essentially all the major brands." More Assistant tricks are coming to Google's wearable family, too.

A new OS build breaks out tools into standalone apps and introduces better shortcuts.
Microsoft is making it easier to take screenshots in Windows 10

The next Windows 10 Insider Preview build includes a lot of trial features -- including a new way to take screenshots. Instead of putting its Screen Sketch tool behind the Windows Ink menu, it's now a standalone app. Users will be able to summon it with a shortcut (winkey + shift + S). But instead of capturing the full screen, the updated feature operates like the snipping tool that drags an area to save as an image.

Another 'Overwatch' hacker was fined thousands of dollars.
Blizzard and Epic take 'Overwatch' and 'Fortnite' cheating very seriously

Gaming companies have had a field day making examples out of cheaters recently. A pair of Overwatch hackers were charged in South Korea as a result of a year-long investigation by the region's police. Working with Blizzard, the Seoul National Police Agency Cyber Security Department arrested 13 hackers in total -- and they weren't the only ones caught.

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