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The Morning After: Testing out iOS 12

The public beta is out there.

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Hey, good morning!

The next version of iOS isn't ready for wide release, but we loaded up the beta to let you know how things look so far. Also, Alamo Drafthouse is getting into the theater-subscription game, and the Tesla Semi's 'Mad Max' mode is apparently a real thing. We'll explain.

Smoother and more stable.
Apple iOS 12 preview

We'll have a full, more-nuanced review when the software actually ships this fall, but Chris Velazco has been playing with the iOS 12 beta for a few days now. If you're wondering how the updated Do Not Disturb feature or Screen Time monitoring are in real-life usage, then it's time to take in some early impressions.

And maybe even a new HomePod.
Apple's future AirPods may offer noise cancellation and greater range

Bloomberg sources claim that a higher-end version of the totally wireless earbuds could arrive "as early as" 2019 with noise cancellation and longer wireless range in addition to protection against rain and sweat. That's in addition to rumors of upgrades that include a new wireless chip and hands-free Siri commands.

A new challenger enters.
Alamo Drafthouse will test its own version of MoviePass

MoviePass has spawned another copy, this time from Alamo Drafthouse. The theater chain is going to beta test a Season Pass offer that sounds even more convenient than the competition. Use the Drafthouse mobile app to make your purchase, and when you arrive at the theater, it'll unlock your tickets -- no need to wait in line to scan your barcode at the box office. Your server will check your ticket once you're seated, when they take your food or drink order. You can purchase extra tickets for your party when you make your seat reservation. The test starts July 18th at its Yonkers, NY location, and pricing is TBA.

Watch out for the blue shells.
Now Nintendo's cardboard Labo controller works with 'Mario Kart'

If you have the Nintendo Labo cardboard Variety Kit and a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, then you can play the game in a new way. Build yourself the Toy-Con Motorbike controller, and you can use it as a steering wheel.

Attention Prime shoppers.
Amazon expands Prime discounts to all Whole Foods stores this week

The company announced that all Whole Foods and Whole Foods 365 stores will offer discounts for Prime members starting Wednesday. Amazon Prime subscribers will get an extra 10 percent off sale items marked with a special yellow tag and larger discounts on certain products marked with a blue Prime Member Deal label.

Why stop at augmented reality rulers?
Google Earth can measure the distance between your house and the Louvre

The latest update to Google Earth is the ability to measure the distance between two points on the globe -- according to Google, it's one of the most-requested features. The Measure tool goes live in Chrome today and will be added to Android this week, with iOS getting in on the party "soon."

Watch an AI vs. humans exhibition game on Twitch July 28thElon Musk's 'Dota 2' AI bots are taking on pro teams

OpenAI, which Elon Musk co-founded, has been taking on top Dota 2 players with bots since last year, and now it's gunning for a team of top professionals in an exhibition match at one of the biggest events in eSports.

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