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The Morning After: Model 3 sales opened up and Facebook's fine

And an Ouya throwback.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Remember the old days? When the App Store was new, and Ouya still seemed like it had a chance? Go ahead and reminisce for a bit before jumping into the present, where anyone in North America can put $2,500 down and order one of Elon Musk's Model 3s.

Finding good software used to be a headache.Ten years later, Apple's iOS App Store changed the way we think about software

Ten years ago (plus a day), Apple officially launched the iOS App Store and -- for better or worse -- it changed the world. The iPhone debuted about a year prior with only a handful of apps, but that was just the start. Then came the developers, and nothing was the same.

Put your money where Elon's mouth is.Tesla Model 3 orders are available to everyone in North America

Tesla has opened its ordering system for the starter EV to everyone in North America, letting anyone walk through the process whether they're ready to buy or just curious. Reservation holders are still first in line, so anyone looking for the $35,000 edition will have to keep waiting, since the lowest-priced configuration currently available starts at $49,000.

But everything went downhill.This day in Engadget history: Ouya is a Kickstarter smash hit

Six years ago yesterday, we stood on the precipice of an exciting gaming development. The Ouya console smashed through its $950,000 Kickstarter funding goal in under 12 hours. At the time, it was the biggest first day for a project in the crowdfunding site's history. However, the console failed to make much of an impact once it actually got here. Let us tell the tale.

Choose wisely.It's easier to change Google Assistant's voice thanks to a colorful interface

Google is rolling out an update that gives US users a new, simple interface for changing Assistant's voice. It's very colorful, to put it mildly: You just tap on a color associated with a given voice (Google told us it chose them at random) and listen to be sure they're the dulcet tones you want to hear.

The FTC, FBI and SEC are all still investigating.Facebook faces £500k fine for Cambridge Analytica scandal

Several months after the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, it seems like the social network will finally have to pay up. The UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) fined Zuckerberg and Co. a preliminary amount of $664,000 (or 500,000 pounds) for lacking proper privacy protections and allowing the scandal to take place despite significant warning signs. The amount is the maximum allowed by law.

The ICO essentially puts blame for the scandal in Facebook's hands, saying that the company allowed researcher Aleksandr Kogan to collect data about Facebook users via an app, and when discovered, did not inform its users in a sufficient manner.

Don't you hate when that happens?Snake hidden in hard drive fails to board Miami plane

Transport Security Administration (TSA) officials have intercepted a traveler at Miami International Airport who planned to illegally smuggle a snake en route to Barbados.

Bye, Google Pay Send.Now you can send and receive money through Google Pay

Google finally announced that the company is combining its Pay and Pay Send apps. Also, users can manage payment info on the web now.

City officials will have up-to-the-minute info available for free.Waze will provide its traffic data to US cities

Waze is widening a partnership with Esri to provide its live alerts for free to American cities and municipalities that are part of its Connected Citizens Program. For example, if many drivers report crashes at an intersection, that could lead to better signs or a change in the roads themselves.

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