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New 'Splatoon 2' gear adds exploding spray paint to your arsenal

And it's coming tonight.

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Splatoon 2 hit the Switch last summer and we're still seeing a steady stream of updates like fancy toilet-based weaponry. During today's Nintendo Direct we found out version 4 is ready to roll — and by ready, I mean today.

In an anime-opening-inspired video we got a look at some new gear, including a spray paint grenade that your squid kid will have to shake to power up. There was also a brief glimpse of something that could be a floor waxer: Maybe it'll clean up your opponent's ink?

Some of the new weaponry is very fashion-forward, with new rifles, blaster and even a roller decked out in black and white with a distinctive red clothespin. That's the "Kensa Collection," from the in-game fashion brand Toni Kensa. It should fit in rather nicely with Splatoon's collection of streetwear looks.

The version 4 update hits tonight, September 13th. What we won't see right away are promised updates to the team-based Splatfest competitions, including new sub and special weapons. Those will make their debut at the next Splatfest weekend, which hasn't been announced yet.

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