Netflix is turning Mark Millar comic 'Reborn' into a feature film

Sandra Bullock will be a producer.

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Image Comics/Millarworld
Image Comics/Millarworld

Netflix isn't done announcing movies that stem from its acquisition of Millarworld. The internet giant has unveiled plans for a feature-length film based on Reborn, a fantasy comic series from Mark Millar and Greg Capullo. The story centers on Bonnie Black, a woman who learns first-hand that people go to a land of "monsters and dragons" when they die -- and realizes that her late husband is mysteriously absent. It's too early for a release schedule or cast, but Netflix already has some major personalities attached to the production.

It'll be directed by Chris McKay, who directed the Lego Batman Movie and executive produced Levo Movie 2. He also directed the cult TV series Robot Chicken. On top of this, Bird Box star Sandra Bullock will be one of the producers.

It's way, way too soon to get an inkling of whether or not Reborn will be successful. The Millarworld purchase is still young, so there's no real frame of reference for its success rate. Netflix does have a strong incentive to ensure its Millar-inspired projects succeed, at least. Now that Netflix is either losing or cancelling future Marvel releases, it will have to rely more on originals to satisfy that superhero craving. If these do well, you might not feel quite so bad about Disney parting ways.

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