Sling adds social TV and movie viewing to its Oculus Go app

You can yell at games with your buddies over voice comms too.

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Sling TV
Sling TV

If you can't be with your buddies to yell at the screen at the same time during a game or watch a movie together, Sling has a new social watching option in store for you. The co-watching feature is rolling out in beta on Oculus Go -- Sling arrived on the virtual reality headset in December.

Once you've formed a party with your friends, the host can open Sling in the latest version of the Oculus TV app. You can then opt to watch live TV or pick an on-demand show or movie to enjoy. You'll be able to see your chums' avatars sitting next to you on a virtual couch, and you can speak with each other, which might come in handy for trash talk when your respective teams are squaring off.

To use co-watching, you and your buddies will all need to be subscribed to the base Sling package and whichever add-ons you'd like to watch something together on as well as, of course, an Oculus Go headset, However, the feature won't work for movie rentals, DVR recordings or through the Continue Watching option.

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