Samsung's Galaxy Fold delay could extend through July?

The Korea Herald has bad news about the flexible phone.

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Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold

The strange case of Samsung's Galaxy Fold may drag on throughout the summer, according to a report in The Korea Herald. The outlet -- which reported in May that Samsung would reach a conclusion on the launch in a couple of days -- now says that according to company officials, if it were going to launch in July then they'd be preparing by now. It also mentions CEO DJ Koh telling another outlet just last week that the device would arrive before July.

So what's the truth? At this point it's tough to discern beyond the company's actions. In a week, we'll be two months clear of Samsung announcing a delay in the launch after several reviewers experienced broken units. A week later Samsung told investors it would still release the device, and planned to announce a new launch date in the coming weeks.

iFixit's since-removed teardown identified specific issues with the hinge, and a month ago Yonhap News mentioned that Samsung may fix problems by tucking its finicky protective layer into the body and blocking gaps at the top and bottom of the hinge. It even claimed redesigned units were already in testing.

Since then, we've continued waiting for any official update from Samsung, and the only reports have been about more delays. In the meantime, Huawei has delayed its Mate X until September. It appears the foldable device revolution will be a little further off than we thought.

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