Brave musical hero speedruns 'GoldenEye' level with a piano

This time Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all ours.

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Jackson Parodi
Jackson Parodi

The 1997 N64 classic GoldenEye 007 was a game that introduced first-person shooters to millions of new gamers, even if it did cause the occasional family squabble.

Over 22 years later, people are still finding novel approaches to playing the iconic game, like musician Jackson Parodi who decided to use his piano as a controller. Parodi set up piano keys mapped as controller inputs and created a hybrid game-slash-music experience:

The moody piano music sounds rather charming and adds a surprising atmosphere of melancholy to the game. Parodi isn't bad at aiming either, and is able to complete the entire first level -- the Arkhangelsk Dam -- using his piano controls.

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Bizarrely, this is not the first time someone has thought to use an instrument as a game controller. An ambitious modder turned a piano into a controller for Doom in 2013, but that one didn't sound quite as musically pleasing.

Other quirky controller options are less musical but just as out there, such as a no button 360 controller or a bowling game that you control by kissing. There's even an FPS that you control with a pair of giant scissors.

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