Modders turn piano into Doom controller (video)

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Jamie Rigg
September 17th, 2013
Modders turn piano into Doom controller (video)

It's been almost too long since we've seen something (in)appropriated to satisfy a twisted modder's Doom craving, and this time, it's not the hardware running Id Software's classic game that's ill-fitted, but the controller. If the timeline on David Hayward's Vine account is accurate, a crew of what appear to be professional tinkerers has turned one old piano into an awkward keyboard in little more than 24 hours. Details on how this was achieved are limited, but it seems to involve some basic PC interfacing and a "load of wiring." Head past the break to catch the noisy mod in action, and if you'd like to a see a few more clips of the "Doom Piano" in development, hit up Hayward's Vine profile. Now, which one's the BFG chord?

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