Engadget is diving into security this week

We're mainly focusing on internet safety, but we have tips for the physical world, too.

It seems not a week goes by where Engadget doesn't report on a data breach. Banks. Hotels. Credit monitoring. Medical records. Your smart home. Slack. Here at Engadget, we felt we needed to do more than just summarize the bleak facts of each new case and repeat the same advice (change your passwords, rinse, repeat). And that's to say nothing of the data you're giving up every day through Facebook, DNA tests and mundane web searches.

Throughout this week, we'll be publishing a series of stories focused on security -- mostly online security, with a nod to smart home and personal safety in the physical world. Join us as we make a case for password managers, VPNs and secure messaging apps -- and then name-drop the best ones. Speaking of DNA kits, we looked closely at all the major options in an attempt to gauge which has the most robust privacy policies. Last but not least, we spoke to security experts for tips on how to do everything more safely, from shopping online to posting photos on Instagram. Read on (with Do Not Track enabled, of course).