Google to shut down its job application service in 2020

Hire, we hardly knew ye.

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Mariella Moon
August 28th, 2019
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The list of products Google has put to rest grows ever longer. Over the past few months, the tech giant has killed Google+, Inbox, Allo, Jump VR platform and Daydream VR's Play Movies & TV app. Now, it's also shutting down its job listings app Hire, which used to be touted as a fledgling LinkedIn competitor. Google launched Hire merely two years ago, in an effort to make the hiring process easier for small to mid-sized businesses. On the support page announcing its shutdown, Google said Hire "has been successful," but it's now "focusing [its] resources on other products in the Google Cloud portfolio."

Google didn't say just how successful Hire is, but perhaps the fact that it's not closing its doors right away means it has a dedicated userbase. The service won't be shutting down until September 1st, 2020, and the company will allow users to continue using it at no additional cost if their contract expires before that date. Further, Google will no longer charge users for standard usage after their next bill. The tech giant promises to keep the service running smoothly until its last day, but it will no longer roll out any new features over the next year.

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