Get ready for a week of home theater tech on Engadget

We hope you like TV, because you're about to hear a lot about TV.

Will Lipman Photography for Engadget

The home entertainment industry is in transition. Cable companies are reacting to Netflix by trying to become Netflix, launching countless streaming services of their own. YouTube, having taken a huge bite out of TV viewing, now counts TV as its fastest-growing platform. Ultra HD Blu-ray, undoubtedly the highest-quality medium to watch movies on at home, has done nothing to stop the ever-growing marketshare of streaming.

TVs are getting smarter, with CPUs and AI assistants now proudly listed on spec sheets. Game consoles are now streaming boxes, and some streaming boxes want to be consoles. Multi-speaker setups have lost ground to high-tech soundbars that fake the same effect. And just as our consoles, media and internet connections have caught up with the rise of 4K TVs, manufacturers seem intent on getting 8K displays into homes over the coming years.

It might seem impossible to navigate this rapidly changing industry, which is why we're putting together a week of home entertainment stories. We'll cover what to look for from your next TV or soundbar, what to play on your favorite console, and how on earth you're supposed to know what streaming services and hardware to opt for. We've also got stories on the upcoming Disney+ service, and a guide to home projectors.

You can find the first couple of articles -- a soundbar guide and a run-down of our favorite PS4 games -- on the site right now, and we'll be publishing new stories every day through to Saturday.