Can DJI compete against GoPro in the action camera arena?

Tell us how the drone manufacturer’s Osmo Action measured up with a user review.

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Can DJI compete against GoPro in the action camera arena?

Drone maker DJI has been manufacturing drones with cameras for quite some time. However, the Osmo Action was its first attempt at making a stand-alone action camera, á la GoPro. Though the Osmo Action has similar specs to GoPro's Hero 7 Black, it also features a front facing display and HDR video recording. Managing Editor James Trew appreciated the excellent image stabilization and the ability to frame shots of yourself using the front display, but was let down by the absence of GPS and basic editing features. The Osmo Action earned a solid score of 84, while its competitor the GoPro Hero 7 Black had earned an 89.

If you own the DJI Osmo Action, what would you score it? Did it serve your needs? Did you appreciate that front-facing display? Were you also frustrated by the lack of GPS or an HDMI port? Tell us (and your fellow readers) all about this outdoor camcorder with a user review on our Osmo Action product page! If you've used other action cameras, feel free to compare them as well. And don't forget that your review could be used in an upcoming user review roundup, so don't leave out any details!

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