Ford will reveal its 'Mustang-inspired' electric SUV on November 17th

Expect a long range and muscle car influences.

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Ford is nearly finished dribbling out teasers for its Mustang-inspired electric SUV. The automaker now plans a worldwide reveal for the crossover on November 17th. The company still isn't willing to reveal much more of the finished design at this point besides its outline (though you can clearly spot the Mustang influence in the lights). However, there are a few details available at this stage.

Significantly, the EV should have a 370-mile range -- it won't be hurting for longevity. When you do need more electricity, it'll support fast charging on the "largest" public network in North America. Videos of the prototype, meanwhile, have touted the vehicle's acceleration, handling and all-weather ability. This is meant to appeal to a wide audience and establish Ford's foothold as it electrifies its lineup.

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