Former Xbox executive Mike Ybarra is Blizzard's new GM

He'll also be an executive vice-president at a publisher in the midst of a PR fiasco.

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Invision for Microsoft
Invision for Microsoft

Former Xbox executive Mike Ybarra has revealed his next role: he's joining Blizzard as executive vice-president and general manager. He'll step into the job just after Blizzcon, which takes place next weekend.

Ybarra had been at Microsoft for 20 years. He was corporate vice president of Xbox Live, Game Pass and Mixer (whose co-founders also recently left Microsoft).

He's making the move while Blizzard is in the midst of a public relations firestorm. The controversy started when it suspended a Hearthstone pro who pledged support for Hong Kong protests in a postgame interview earlier this month. Ybarra departed Microsoft just after that contentious situation erupted.

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