Duolingo adds short stories to its language-learning iPhone app

It will also be available on Android 'soon.'

Duolingo's library of interactive short stories is finally available for mobile, particularly for iPhones. The language-learning portal's Stories feature, which offers over 100 fully voiced bite-sized stories designed to test your reading and listening comprehension, was only available on the web. Now, you can also access it from a tab within Duolingo's iPhone app.

Some of the stories available are standalone, while others are multi-part tales you can explore while learning a new language. You'll even be able to choose from non-fiction stories like biographies, original fiction and stories adapted from public domain classics such as Puss in Boots. Of course, you'll find yourself having to translate or complete sentences as you follow along, with each correct answer earning you some XP.

The Stories feature, however, is still pretty limited and is only useful for English speakers learning Spanish, French, German and Portuguese, as well as for Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese speakers learning English. While the company doesn't have a release date for Android devices yet, it says Stories will also be available on Android "soon."