'Death Stranding' for PC will come to both Epic Games Store and Steam

You won't have to be picky about where you buy Kojima's magnum opus.

When you heard that Death Stranding was coming to PCs next summer, did you cringe at the rumors that it might be yet another Epic Games Store exclusive? You can relax. Kojima Productions and 505 Games have confirmed that the game will be available through both Steam and Epic's store at the same time for $60 (£55) when it's ready in summer 2020. You can already pre-order if you're intrigued by the game's genre-bending mechanics and big-name acting talent.

It's a mild surprise in an era when game developers frequently choose only one major store for PC releases (or accept timed exclusives), but it makes sense for a title like this. While Death Stranding is Kojima Productions' first game, it's a high-profile release from a legendary game designer -- Kojima and crew don't need the monetary perks that would come with a PC exclusive. This also ensures that as many people can play on PC as possible, whether or not they're 'loyal' to Steam.