Check out the trailer for the final episode of Darth Vader's VR saga

Prepare for "one final lesson" on November 21st.

LucasFilm's ILMxLAB has shared a new trailer for the upcoming final episode of its excellent Vader Immortal VR game series. While short, the minute-and-a-half long clip is dense with details.

Thanks to the ancient lightsaber you recovered in Episode II, we see that you'll be able to lead a droid army against Vader's fortress on Mustafar. It's not clear how much interactivity this part of the story will offer, but it looks cool nonetheless. Later in the episode, you'll be tasked with taking on an Imperial Tie Fighter and even Darth Vader himself, with the trailer teasing the final showdown with the Sith Lord we knew was coming. "Time for one final lesson," Vader declares ominously, as he ignites his lightsaber at the end of the clip.

You won't have to wait long to play the game. It comes out this Thursday, November 21st. In the meantime, if you haven't experienced the first two episodes of Vader Immortal and have access to an Oculus Quest or Rift, they're well worth checking out. Engadget's Devindra Hardawar called Vader Immortal the Star Wars VR game he had been waiting for. He particularly liked the fun lightsaber combat and the way ILMxLAB was able to take advantage of the medium to tell a compelling Star Wars story.