HitFilm VFX editor lets you create your own 'Star Wars' trailer

Just in time for 'The Rise of Skywalker's' premiere.

Just because you can't use the Force in real life doesn't mean you'll never get the chance to see yourself wielding a lightsaber. FXHome, the company behind the visual effects software HitFilm, has created and released a trailer entitled The Rise of the Dark Side as an homage to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. (Not surprising, seeing as its founder is a Star Wars fan.) And similar to what the company did when it released an Avengers-themed trailer, it's also releasing a series of tutorials on how to use its software to recreate the effects you'll see in the video.

FXHome will be releasing seven tutorials over the next few weeks, tackling how the company used its free HitFilm Express software and paid products and add-ons to achieve the effects seen in the trailer. The tutorials include instructions on how to create "menacing, metallic titles," how to scan and import a 3D model of an AT-ST into scenes and how to add Force effects. They will be published one by one on FXHome's YouTube channel every Thursday until January 9th 2020.