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The Morning After: The worst tech in 2019

Sometimes things don't go as planned.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Was 2019 a good year for you? If you weren't in charge of getting the Galaxy Fold out the door, then maybe it was. Samsung's foldable phone needed a last-minute delay before it came to market, and once it went on sale, it still seemed more like an expensive gimmick than something sent from the future.

I hope more companies take big swings in 2020 -- the Motorola RAZR and Microsoft Surface Duo are on deck -- but I also hope they'll do so in a way that's a little more affordable than a nearly-$2,000 phablet. It's also time that we thought about issues like privacy, security and safety at the start, instead of waiting for a years-later postmortem explaining what went wrong.


When you need to make a 180-degree turn in a hurry.Rivian shows off how its new EVs can 'tank turn'

We're not sure how useful this feature is, but Rivian has made a preview video showing how its quad-motor equipped truck can "tank turn" in place. Maybe it could come in handy for off-roading, navigating a tightly-packed parking lot or just showing off, but for now, it just looks kind of cool and is something your gas-powered truck probably can't manage.

We gave the new version a score of 86, what do you think?We want your user reviews of the 2019 MacBook Pro

If you opted for a MacBook Pro over an Air, head over to our Apple MacBook Pro (2019) product page and tell us why! Did you really want or need the increase in processor power? Did the base 128GB of storage give you any pause? And how do you feel about the heavily-debated butterfly keyboard? We want to hear all the details about your favorite features of this laptop -- and your biggest annoyances.

Stadia, 5G, Galaxy Fold and a few other failures.The worst tech of 2019

Most of the items on this year's list of bad tech are victims of too much hype, but there are also things that are objectively bad. Even entire companies could make the list with enough bad behavior -- we're looking at you Facebook and Amazon.

And Google Assistant all over the place.LG's 2020 soundbars add 'AI Room calibration' to optimize their audio

LG is unveiling its 2020 soundbar lineup right now, and a new headline feature for this year is "AI Room Calibration." Exactly what separates this tech from non-AI automatic calibration we've seen is unclear, but LG is openly committed to applying machine learning and related technology across its products.

Creators who want to turn their passion into a career have more options than ever.How Twitch started to lose its grip on video game streaming

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins was the first of several big-name streamers to depart Amazon's video service in 2019. While Twitch is still the market leader, it's suddenly in the position of having to fight harder against Mixer, Facebook, YouTube and others.

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