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Amazon's online Showroom shows you if different furniture goes together

'The Sims,' but for shopping on Amazon.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
01.04.19 in Home

Amazon is leaning further into the home furnishing market with Showroom, a feature on the website and app that lets you place items into a virtual living room and see how well they complement each other. You can tweak the look of the flooring and walls (presumably to make it look a little more like your own living room) and swap in and out items from Amazon's catalog, including the couch, chair, tables, lamp, rug and artwork. Naturally, Amazon's own Rivet and Stone & Beam brands are among the furniture options.

You can save multiple room designs, so you can refer to various looks later. Of course, you'll be able to seamlessly buy the items you like enough to kit out your own home with. Showroom isn't an augmented reality tool, but it does echo the AR feature in the Amazon app that helps you get an idea of how an item would look in your home without having to buy and return it if it doesn't fit.

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