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Image credit: Alex Kraus/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Porsche claims its EV factory will be as green as the cars it builds

It's using materials that could help reduce pollution.

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Alex Kraus/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Porsche wants production for the Taycan to be as ecologically responsible as the electric car itself. The automaker has revealed that the Taycan factory under construction at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen will use nitrogen oxide-absorbing facades on some parts of the building, reducing the plant's pollution. The surfaces are relatively simple constructions made from aluminum coated in titanium dioxide, but the results so far appear to be strong. In a test on a 126 square meter (roughly 1,356 square feet) area, it absorbed nitrogen oxide as well as ten trees.

The inaugural Porsche EV is expected to launch in late 2019.

The company's ultimate aim is to eliminate the "ecological footprint" for its car production, and it wants Taycan production to be CO2-neutral in addition to reducing pollution. This helps burnish the company's public image in the wake of emissions scandals and opposition to diesels, of course, but it may also represent a survival tactic. Germany and the European Union at large are cracking down on emissions and pollution, and Porsche doesn't want to be seen as a contributor to those problems.

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