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EA debuts eSports studio with Madden NFL 19 Challenge

Perhaps an 'Apex Legends' tournament will be next?
Kris Holt, @krisholt
03.15.19 in AV

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EA is moving deeper into competitive gaming territory by opening an eSports broadcast studio. There are two main studios: the competitive area and a player lounge. The former includes 360-degree sets, spectator cameras and media and audience seating. The player lounge is styled like a New York loft and is kitted out with robotic cameras and directional microphones. The facility also has a control room, a green screen area and a four-person analyst desk.

Its first event is the Madden NFL 19 Challenge, which kicks off today and sees 16 Madden players facing off in the studio for a slice of a $190,000 prize fund. You can be sure EA will be looking at other games for its latest eSports push, perhaps including Battlefield and its FIFA series.

EA might also be eager to tap into the explosive success of Respawn's battle royale game Apex Legends, which hit 50 million registered players within a month. Several eSports organizations are already snapping up players for their Apex Legends squads.

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