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Image credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images for A&E Indie Films

Apple's new documentary chief is a producer from 'Jesus Camp'

Molly Thompson will oversee Apple TV+ non-fiction efforts.

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Andrew Toth/Getty Images for A&E Indie Films

Apple now has a leader for its burgeoning documentary plans. Deadline reports that the company has hired A&E's Molly Thompson as its new Head of Documentaries. She founded A&E's IndieFilms and most recently headed the broader network's documentary team, but she may be best known as an executive producer for numerous major non-fiction shows, including Jesus Camp, Cartel Land and Murderball.

There are already a number of documentaries lined up for Apple TV+, including Home, The Elephant Queen and future Ron Howard productions. This, however, could help Apple score other big docs and ensure that they thrive. That could give it a better chance of competing with Amazon, Netflix and others that are already old hands at producing real-world shows for streaming services.

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