Valve teases SteamVR 2.0 for 2020

Steam Labs and the Steam mobile app will be getting updates too.

Valve didn't just look back at its accomplishments in Steam's 2019 Year in Review post, it also revealed what you can look forward to this year. In the post, the company teased SteamVR 2.0, an updated version of its virtual reality system that will feature several customer experience improvements. The company didn't reveal what those upcoming features are, only that its team is "hard at work" on the platform's development.

Valve also promises to publish a series of blog posts analyzing data from the Steam platform. The company says it has seen a lot of analysis from third parties trying to figure out how Steam games are doing, among other things. "Since we have access to more data," Valve wrote, "we thought it would be useful to do our own analysis."

In addition, Valve will add new features to better support gaming soundtracks and will roll out Steam Trust to all its partners later this year. Trust, which shipped in a closed beta in 2019, is the technology behind CS:GO's matchmaking system that matches players based on their Trust Factor. The hope is for the technology to ensure quality matches players can enjoy.

You can also expect to see new features out of Steam Labs, Valve's home for top secret experimental features, this year. The Steam mobile app is getting a refresh with the addition of new login options, as well. Finally, and to nobody's surprise, Valve promises more sale events for 2020. It says it's "exploring more ways to reward users for participating in sale events throughout the year."