Best Buy discounts the entry MacBook Air to its best price yet

You can currently get the 128GB gold model for $850.

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Evan Rodgers / Engadget
Evan Rodgers / Engadget
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Best Buy has a pair of good deals on the MacBook Air. You can currently get the 128GB gold model for $850, down from its usual price of $1,100. If gold isn't your thing, both the silver and space gray models are also on sale, though they're only $200 off as opposed to $250. $850 is the lowest we've seen a retailer sell the base model MacBook Air for, but for most people 128GB is likely not enough storage.

The good news is Best Buy has also discounted the 256GB variant. At the moment, you can buy the gold and silver models for $1,050, and the space gray one for $1,100. We've seen the 256GB MacBook Air sell for less in the past, but that was part of a short Amazon deal of the day where supplies were limited.

As we said in that previous deal post, there's a lot to like about the MacBook Air. Based on its sharp, color-accurate display, appealing and lightweight design and mostly excellent battery life, we gave the computer an 84 when we reviewed the 2018 model. With the 2019 model, Apple added its True Tone technology to the laptop's display, which allows the screen to adapt its color temperature to the surrounding ambient light.

One thing to keep with the models Best Buy has discounted is that they all feature 8GB of RAM. Combined with the fact the MacBook Air features an underpowered dual-core processor, you may find it a bit sluggish compared to some of the other great laptops you can buy at around the same price. It's also worth keeping in mind Apple will likely refresh the MacBook Air sometime this year. Like the company's new 16-inch MacBook Pro, the updated Air will likely feature the company new, more reliable keyboard.

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