Motorola's zero-bezel Edge phones may include a more affordable model

You'd get a 'waterfall' display without a premium price.

Just because Motorola might return to flagship phones with its high-end Edge+ model doesn't mean it's forgetting its more cost-conscious fans. XDA-Developers has shared leaked photos and details that appear to confirm that a non-plus Edge model not only exists, but that it should be considerably more affordable. It'll still have the 6.7-inch "waterfall" display with zero horizontal bezels, a speedy 90Hz refresh rate and a physically tiny 25-megapixel hole-punch camera, but it should use a mid-range Snapdragon 765 processor and 'just' 6GB of RAM instead of the Snapdragon 865 and 8GB of the Edge+ variant. You wouldn't be hurting for rear camera tech between a 64MP main sensor (versus 108MP on the Edge+), a 16MP wide-angle shooter and an 8MP telephoto sensor, not to mention laser autofocusing.

The regular Edge might even represent a step up for some users. It would have a smaller 4,500mAh battery (versus 5,000mAh), but it'd also include a headphone jack the Edge+ omits -- you might prefer this lower-end phone if you insist on wired audio. You could also expect an increasingly standard 128GB of expandable storage and an under-display fingerprint reader.

It's not certain when the Edge might be ready or where it will sell. The Edge+ is reportedly headed to Verizon (Engadget's parent company), but there's no guarantee the standard Edge will follow suit. Don't be surprised if you have to pick this up as an unlocked model, much like you do with much of Motorola's current lineup.