Watch Sony's PlayStation 5 'deep dive' right here at 12PM ET

It will cover the console's architecture 'and how it will shape the future of games.'

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At last, Sony is ready to divulge some more PlayStation 5 details. The company has been rather hush-hush since lead architect Mark Cerny revealed some basic specs and system features in a Wired interview last year. Sony has divulged the console's name, release window and logo, sure, but there's still so much that we don't know. Well, we should find out a little more in a video that kicks off today at 9AM PT/12PM ET. It will be hosted by Cerny and offer "a deep dive into PS5's system architecture, and how it will shape the future of games," Sony explained in a tweet. Excited? So are we. For all the juicy tidbits, be sure to watch the livestream below.

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