After Math: The great indoors

Four walls and a TV is good enough for me.

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Television 3 D in relief  Coastline Beach Alley covered with wooden planks

Note: I certify to be the exclusive author of the image of the coastline in the TV
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We’re entering week 7 of shelter in place — or maybe it’s week 70? Getting hard to tell these days — and things are going great. My quarantine beard is now Methuselah length, my window sill garden is booming, and my blood sacrifices to the old gods has so far kept the ‘Rona from darkening my doorstep. But great googly moogly, is it boring being cooped up inside like this for days on end. Sure, being a homebody was all well and good before the pandemic but hanging out alone isn’t nearly as fun when it’s mandatory. At least we have this week’s top entertainment headlines to keep us warm in American exceptionalism’s fading light.


YouTube TV is adding 14 ViacomCBS channels to its lineup

This deal may make that $50/month subscription fee a bit easier to swallow, especially with news that HBO and Cinemax are arriving on the platform as well. But seriously, how big does that pineapple under the sea have to be if Spongebob is barely half a head shorter than Stephen Colbert?


Alamo Drafthouse offsets closures with an on-demand movie service

With the quarantine having effectively shuttered their movie houses throughout the country (and into the foreseeable future), many chains are scrambling to supplement their cratered incomes any way they can. Alamo, for its part is opening its entire catalog — from contemporary hits to obscure Camp classics — for digital rent and purchase as Alamo On Demand. prices range from $4 to $15 depending on the title and whether you plan on keeping it.


Twitter ‘super-spreaders’ shared bogus COVID-19 info with 3 million users

There are some indoor pastimes that we’d be better off without. Such as, I dunno, spending your days pushing hoaxes and misinformation about the deadliest pandemic in generations to the Twittersphere. Why not take up a less heinous hobby like puppy punching or kitten kicking?


Watch today's Xbox Series X event in just 15 minutes

Don’t lie to yourself, we all know you’re gonna pick up a PS5 this holiday season, but it doesn’t hurt to see what the competition is bringing. We even cut out all the needless fluff from the preview event for ya!


NASA is helping Tom Cruise film a movie in space

The only thing that irritates me more than knowing that NASA is selling out its scientific morals to make a quick buck is the knowledge that this movie, like nearly all Tom Cruise flicks to date, is going to be surprisingly good.

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