'Monument Valley' studio reveals 'Alba: a Wildlife Adventure'

The game will be released this winter on iOS, MacOS, tvOS, PC and console.

Ustwo Games

Ustwo Games is ready to reveal its next project. The independent studio, best known for the M. C. Escher-inspired Monument Valley puzzlers, is hard at work on a nature-focused title called Alba: a Wildlife Adventure. An ever-so-brief teaser trailer starts with a panning shot over a water bottle, half-eaten sandwich, notebook and backpack. The virtual camera then passes over a sheet of paper titled 'Island clean up Initiative,' a bird-spotting book and DSLR, some photographs and, finally, a newspaper with the headline 'Girls start a wildlife league.' Finally, it pans out to reveal the titular character on a cliff, overlooking a colorful forest and beach.

In a brief press release, the team said the game was "inspired by the team’s love of nature" and "fond memories of childhood summers in the Mediterranean." For now, the studio is staying hush-hush about the gameplay and larger story. It did reveal, however, that the title will be coming to iOS, MacOS, tvOS, PC and consoles (no word on which) this winter. The game follows the Facebook-exclusive Go Go Bots, as well as Assemble With Care -- a gorgeous Apple Arcade original that has since been released on Steam and updated with a free epilogue level -- and Land's End, an immersive adventure built for Gear VR and Oculus Go headsets.