Amazon Music is the latest streaming service to add podcasts

It'll have some exclusives with hosts including Will Smith, Becky G and DJ Khaled.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Amazon Music has at long last added podcasts. Listeners in the US, UK, Germany and Japan can access them through the Amazon Music app, web player and Echo devices. They’re available to users on all Amazon Music tiers at no extra cost.

There are "millions of episodes from top shows" for you to listen to now, and Amazon will continue to add more. On top of those, Amazon Music has some original podcasts from hosts including Will Smith and DJ Khaled. Becky G’s show, En la Sala, will have a corresponding video broadcast on Amazon Music's Twitch channel. Amazon Music will also count iHeartMedia’s true-crime/music podcast Disgraceland as an exclusive starting in February.

It's smart for music streaming services to act as hubs for all types of audio content to keep their listeners locked in to a single platform. Podcasts been hugely successful for Spotify, which has invested heavily in them. However, Apple and Google have separated music and podcasts between Apple Music and Podcasts, and YouTube Music and Google Podcasts respectively.

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