YouTube Music will suggest songs to make your playlists even better

You can show off your killer mixes on your profile.

YouTube Music

There’s a real art to building playlists — especially ones you plan to share with other people. Picking the right songs and finding the perfect flow isn’t always easy though. To help you out, Google is employing its AI smarts for a YouTube Music feature called assistive playlists. It’ll look at the name of the playlist, songs you’ve already added and your listening history to offer up to seven suggestions for the next track. You can refresh that list for more options.

Once you’ve whipped up a killer mix, other users can check that out on your profile, along with other public playlists you’ve made. If you stumble upon someone else’s great playlist, you can take a peek at other public ones they’ve crafted, too. You just need to click on their name from a playlist page to get to their profile.

YouTube Music has added other playlist features in recent months, including a way for you to build mixes with your friends. If you haven’t used the service in a while, you should find it easier to locate the personalized playlists that the service builds for you, such as the discover and new release mixes, in your home feed. You can check out mood and genre playlists in the Explore tab too.